Welcome to Schedy’s documentation!

Schedy is your machine learning assistant. It will help you record your experiments, your results, visualize them, and it will even suggest new parameters for your next experiments!

Schedy can do useful things for you:

  • Record the hyperparameters and results of all your past models.
  • Suggest new hyperparameters for your next models.
  • Coordinate a pool of workers (e.g. in a cluster), by making sure they stay busy trying to find the best combination of hyperparameters for your task.

And all of that in just a few lines of code! Coordinating a cluster of workers becomes as simple as this:

import schedy

db = schedy.SchedyDB()
experiment = db.get_experiment('My Task')
while True:
   with experiment.next_job() as job:

You can follow the evolution of your experiments thanks to our online dashboard.


We also provide a command line tool, that will help you with the most common tasks.